Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: DHO Drift Kick Back

This is a great drill using the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine from Coach Jordan Petersen of Ellsworth High School and Positionless Basketball. Here, he combines multiple different game-like actions and each player gets a shooting rep every cycle during the drill. Check it out below! The drill begins with a dribble hand off near

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TPG Sports Group Scouting Experiences.. Save $25

TPG Sports Group launched 3 new Scouting Experiences for 2019! Participants will receive hands-on basketball scouting training from actual NBA executives. Not only will you receive presentations on talent evaluation but you will also scout NBA prospects during live college games and discuss your evaluations. – Charleston, SC (November 21-22, 2019) @ The Charleston Classic –

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Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Drive, Kick, Read

In this breakdown our partner Coach Jordan Petersen of Ellsworth High School (WI) and Founder of Positionless Basketball demonstrates a great drill focused on decision making using the Dr. Dish CT. While all shooting drills can be beneficial, oftentimes players “run through the motions” when they get in a rhythm. This allows for a nice

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