Relocation Service for College Basketball Coaches

“Helping college coaches find their home away from the court” Your coaching change just got 100x easier. Relocation Hoops Agent will help college basketball coaches transition to their new destination easily. The coaching carousel is always changing. Each spring there are hundreds of coaching changes announced. The emotional roller coaster from going from one job

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Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: 25s Shooting

In this shooting challenge, Coach TJ Otzelberger shows a combination of 5 different shots from 5 spots around the perimeter using the Dr. Dish CT. Check it out in action below!   As you can see, each location has a different shot associated with it. 1. Two point catch and shoot 2. Three point catch

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Head Coach Training Center 2020, May 6th – 8th

Whether your goal is to obtain a first-time or new collegiate Head Basketball Coach position, the Head Coach Training Center® teaches coaches strategies to earn a coveted Head Coach position and be successful in that role. HCTC allows coaches the opportunity to learn from and network with numerous collegiate Head Coaches, Director of Athletics, Senior

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