The First 30 Days

Think back to your first thirty days on the job and pick one word to describe that time. Whirlwind, Blur, Hectic… are a few that we’ve heard recently It started with that moment of pure joy you felt when you heard the words, “Congrats Coach? We are thrilled to have you on board!” and then

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Pivot Analysis: Going beyond the box score

Tracking individual stats and box scores has been a standard method of basketball analysis across most organized levels of play. However, that doesn’t always provide the whole picture. As basketball analytical methods and technology have developed, so has the use of more advanced statistical metrics. The tracking of lineup performance and on court player impact

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Just Play and NCAA LiveStats by Genius Sports Announce Integration

NCAA LiveStats / Just Play Press Release Starting this college basketball season, Just Play Sports Solutions will be powered by NCAA LiveStats, the official data collection software of collegiate sports, providing the fastest and most reliable statistics on the market. This integration with NCAA LiveStats will provide Just Play clients with access to more advanced data than

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