Team Profile: Marquette Golden Eagles

Soaring into Christmas break, the Marquette Golden Eagles wrapped up their non-conference schedule with a flawless 12-0 record, keeping them as one of only ten NCAA Division I women’s teams that remain unbeaten. 

Coach Megan Duffy’s squad not only boasts a perfect record, but they’ve also etched their names in Marquette history as they are off to the best start the program has ever seen. Stellar team play and supporting individual performances have been the catalyst for this perfect start.

Surefire Shooting

Marquette’s offense is a well-oiled machine. Everyone contributes, as evidenced by their league-leading 80.9 points per game. Their efficiency is undeniable, ranking #12 in field goal percentage (49.8%) and #4 in 3-point percentage (41.3%).

This collective firepower is supported by individual brilliance, with all starters shooting at least 44% and three exceeding 53%. Leading the charge from beyond the arc is Mackenzie Hare, whose red-hot 54.7% accuracy earns her a spot as the nation’s 2nd-ranked sharpshooter.

Exceptional Efficiency

Marquette’s offensive machine thrives in transition. Their starting lineup of Jordan King, Rose Nkumu, Liza Karlen, Mackenzie Hare, and Frannie Hottinger, has been instrumental in their nation-leading 1.26 points per possession in the first eight seconds of the shot clock. 

This dynamic group has racked up a third of these fast-break opportunities, averaging a blistering 1.40 PPP while shooting with laser-like accuracy (63.5% from the field and 50% from three). Overall, Marquette’s offense hums at 1.13 PPP, well above the national average of 0.90 PPP.

Season of Giving

The Golden Eagles’ thrive on the power of togetherness. Over two-thirds of their points come from assists, a statistic that speaks volumes about their team-first mentality. This dedication to teamwork has them dominating the Big East and ranking eighth nationally with an impressive 21 assists per game. 

Their consistency is admirable, with only one game falling below 18 assists so far. Nkumu shines as a playmaker, averaging 5 assists per game and orchestrating nearly 30% of the team’s offense while she’s on the court.

Dominating the Boards

Marquette dominates the boards, ranking among the nation’s top 25 in rebounding rate (57.2%). They lead the Big East with a +9.8 rebounding margin per game, a testament to their relentless hustle. The Golden Eagles haven’t surrendered a rebounding battle all season, leaving opponents outmatched on the boards.

Lockdown Defense

While Marquette’s offense steals the spotlight, their stingy defense shouldn’t be overlooked. They suffocate opponents in every situation, holding them below the national PPP average of 0.90 across the board. 

From transition (0.84 PPP) to late-clock situations (0.62 PPP), no zone is safe. This translates to below average shooting numbers for opponents: 37.9% overall, 28.6% from three, and a low 52% inside the paint. Their relentless pressure even limits opponents to just 11.6 points off turnovers and 7.8 second-chance points per game.

The Big East Awaits

The undefeated Golden Eagles return from their well-deserved break with a Big East gauntlet awaiting. Their second conference test? None other than the perennial titans, the #17 UConn Huskies, in their own den on December 30th. Mark your calendars, this clash at the XL Center promises fireworks.

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