WHoopDirt.com NAIA Coach of the Year Nominees presented by Pivot Analysis

Congratulations to the following sixteen coaches who captured WHoopDirt.com NAIA Coach of the Week Awards during the 2019-20 college basketball season. These coaches are all eligible to receive the inaugural WHoopDirt.com NAIA Coach of the Year Award presented by Pivot Analysis which will be announced next week.

Week 1 Courtney Boyd – Clarke University (IA)

Week 2 Dan Waldeck – The Master’s University (CA)

Week 3 Jeff Hans – Thomas More University (KY)

Week 4 Steve Williamson – William Penn University (IA)

Week 5 K.C. Bassett  – Sterling College (KS)

Week 6 Tim Hays – Southeastern University (FL)

Week 7 Dennis Hutter – Mayville State University (ND)

Week 8 Hannah Moeller – Mid-American Christian University (OK)

Week 9 Sue Syljebeck – Siena Heights University (MI)

Week 10 Bo Overton – Oklahoma City University

Week 11 Jina Douglas – Hastings College (NE)

Week 12 Derek Marchione – SUNY Sullivan

Week 13 Irvin Jerry – Trinity International University (IL)

Week 14 Stacy Stephens – Our Lady of the Lake University (TX)

Week 15 Anna Kowalski – West Virginia Tech

Week 16 Chris Nelson – Bethel University (TN)

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