Why Now is the Perfect Time to Make The Switch

At HoopDirt, we take pride in showcasing companies that are committed to helping you become a better coach. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve likely seen we are pretty fired up about what Just Play has been able to do the past year. 

This off-season I’ve had numerous coaches reach out with questions about the company, so I decided to put together my thoughts on why now is the right time to switch from Fast Draw/Fast Scout to Just Play.

First, we all know that the quality of the players you recruit is extremely important; however, what makes the difference is how you develop that athlete. New technology like Just Play give coaches the opportunity to teach in multiple ways to target different learning styles. It allows you to engage with players more, instead of just teaching at them.

This new generation of athlete consumes all their information through mobile devices, and there is no way for us coaches to get around it. We have to meet them on their terms if we want them to truly study and learn the game. Because of their digital habits, to me, the days of handing out paper to players aren’t dwindling – they are extinct.

Next, players (and coaches) want convenience. They want everything located in one place: one place to watch film, study plays, view scouting reports, receive messages, etc. Just Play provides this and way more.

I’m sure some coaches do not want to share their secret sauce, but imagine allowing your players to go through a playbook that includes diagrams, video of you teaching, and video of plays/drills from a game or practice. Then, you give them a quiz to make sure they actually retain what you want them to know.

By putting all this information into one interactive platform, Just Play will enhance your meetings and practices. It will streamline them and make them more efficient.  

Another thing I love about Just Play are the opportunities for interaction it provides between coach and player. If players have a question while studying, they message you right away within the platform. Why? Because it’s convenient for the athlete and we all know some might be hesitant to ask it in the meeting or at practice. It’s a safe place for them to ask a “dumb question” without being embarrassed.

Finally, staying ahead of the curve is important in a competitive field like coaching. Remaining open to change, or at least meeting your players halfway, is critical to not just developing top talent, but recruiting it too.

I heard one coach say, “this is what we’ve been doing for years, and we’re comfortable with it.”

If you think for one second that the game hasn’t changed, or the kids you recruit haven’t changed in the last ten years, you’re crazy.

So why is it time to make the switch?

The cost to switch is low, you can integrate everything you do (including old FastDraw plays) into Just Play, and it’s built into your budget (I believe Just Play is less expensive than FastDraw/FastScout with rumors of the recent price increases).

But most importantly, it’s what your players and recruits want to see from you.

This off-season, make the switch be more innovative, more engaged, and utilize new technology that will help you better develop your players.

Don’t take it from us, see for yourself. Sign up for a demo to learn more. www.justplaysolutions.com