Drill of The Week

In this Dr. Dish drill, Coach Tony Miller demonstrates a great screening drill. Learn how reading the screen can create open shots for both the ball handler and the screener. The full drill breakdown is below!

Flip the Screen Drill

  • Player 1 starts on the wing; Player 2 (the screener) starts at the top of the key; Player 1’s defender starts inside the 3p line.
  • On the pass out to Player 1, Player 2 sets a ball screen for Player 1.
  • Player 1’s defender either chases Player 1 over the ball screen, or runs under the screen.
  • If the defender chases over the top, Player 1 dribbles into a pull up jump shot at the free throw line. If the defender runs under the screen, Player 2 “flips” the screen and Player 1 comes back over the ball screen to create space from the defender then takes a jump shot.

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I’d encourage coaches to think about ways of incorporating the Dish into shooting drill involving components of your half court offense. Ball screen decision making is one of those key components in most offenses. Reading defenders and then having the ability to score within the two-man game is an important skill for any player.