Drill of The Week

Between other sports/extracurriculars, vacations, and packed schedules, it can really tough getting a group of teammates or friends together to train and work on your game in the summer. 

Luckily, Dr. Dish has an extensive library of individual drills that you can do solo and still improve this offseason!

1.) Pick & Roll Progression w/ Skylar Diggins-Smith

In this drill 5x WNBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Skylar Diggins-Smith, practice three different reads off the pick & roll.

  • One-dribble pop
  • Extended dribble into shot
  • Reject screen

Skylar wants players to remember to, “Make it game-like. Go hard. Make contact with your defender, set them up for the screen, come off, make the reads, put the shots up!”

2.) individual Shooting Competition w/ Jesus Lazard

Get plenty of shots up in a competitive environment with this drill from Jesus Lazaro!

  • Regular Shooting
  • Corner jump shots
  • Free throws

Hit goals to move to the next location:

  • Jump shooting (make 4 of 5 shots)
  • Free throws (make 13 in a row)

3.) Wing to Wing Shooting w/ Joe Abunassar

In this drill from IMPACT Basketball founder Joe Abunassar, work on your conditioning and take plenty of game-like shots in the process.

  • Start with a three-point shot from the right-wing
  • Sprint to the left wing for another three-pointer
  • Once you make two three-pointers, then switch to one-dribble pull-ups
  • Sprint wing to wing until you make two of those

Joe says, “As a young player working to get better, you got to make sure your drill work is at game-speed and is challenging you from a cardiovascular perspective.”