Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Partner Dribble Hand Off Actions with DJ Sackmann

In this partner shooting drill our partner DJ Sackmann is joined by our good friend Reid Ouse of Catalyst Training in the Dish Lab to work on partner dribble hand-off actions.

This is a great way to utilize the Dr. Dish CT to work on game-like situations in a partner setting. Both players receive a rep during each rotation.


As with every drill, it’s important to focus on the details and fundamentals. Make sure that your cuts are as game-like as possible and that you’re training at game speed.

While the 2nd shot is always a “bonus” it also mimics the game concept of “Drive, Pitch, SPACE”. After any pass/hand-off it’s important to space out and leave the lane open to attack. Also, this can help the passer create an open look from the perimeter as well.

Drill settings:

Tempo: 4-5
Pass distance: 3-4
Pass locations: Top of Key and Wing
Goal: 25 Makes is a good start for each drill.
# of players: 2-6

This is a great drill to execute in training and practice settings!