Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Basketball Shooting Progression Drill with Gee Gervin

In this breakdown, our partner Gee Gervin from Hammer Basketball  and Strength N Motion demonstrates a great combo shooting drill to challenge you to work on 4 different shots within the same drill!

Gee is a former professional player and son of NBA legend George Gervin. He’s been all around the world as a player, coach, and trainer. We’re thrilled to work with him to grow the game and the fundamentals of basketball.

Check it out this progression below:

Again, here’s the order of the progression:

1. Catch and shoot

2. One dribble pull up

3. One dribble spin

4. One dribble fake spin

How many in a row can you make?

Pass Locations: You can do this anywhere around the perimeter

Pass Tempo: 5-7

Drill Goal/Streak Mode: Aim to make all 4 shots in a row at 5 spots around the perimeter. The Dr.  Dish won’t move spots until you’ve made all 4 in a row at a spot.