Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Team Motion Shooting Workout

We’re thrilled to release another TEAM Dr. Dish Skill Builder workout that focuses on shooting, ball handling, and plyometric drills!

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we’re always working in the Dish Lab to bring you applicable drills and workouts to incorporate into your practices/workouts.

And with the season just beginning, we wanted to showcase a few different ways to use Dr. Dish during the season. It’s a common misconception that shooting machines should only be used in the off-season. In actuality, it’s a great idea to incorporate Dr. Dish workouts within practice or before/after to maximize shooting reps and work on multiple skills.

Check out the motion shooting workout below!


Make sure to incorporate game-like cuts and intensity within every workout and drill so that it translates into a game setting.

Notice in this workout the players worked on shooting off the move, ball handling, conditioning/plyos, and free throws while tired.

With Dr. Dish Skill Builder technology, you’re no longer limited to just plain shooting drills. While we love building better shooters we’re even more interested in building COMPLETE players.