Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Push Step Skill Builder Workout

Coach Mason is back with another great complete Skill Builder workout to use in the summer/off-season!

In this workout Coach Mason demonstrates a simple, yet effective hesitation move to attack downhill off the dribble as well as a catch and shoot jumper. As with every Skill Builder, he combines the shooting drills with other drills to work on multiple skills. In this workout, he adds in ball handling drills to further work on the efficiency of the hesitation move and then ends the workout with free throws while tired.

Check out the full breakdown below!

While this workout was designed for the off-season, it can be utilized year-round to work on shooting off the dribble and honing in on a move that can be commonly used in game situations.

Remember, Dr. Dish Skill Builder is the ONLY way you can combine multiple drills into a full workout with a basketball training machine. All the player has to do is hit a button on their phone and the entire workout is synced with the machine. After that, all the player has to do is focus on making shots and working hard.

After the workout is finished, the stats and heat map of the workout will be displayed on the mobile app and can be uploaded automatically to the Dr. Dish Training Management System (TMS). From the TMS, coaches and players can view their stats and track their progress.

You can’t find anything like this anywhere else!

As we always say: Make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose. Let’s get it, baby!

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