Dr. Dish Basketball is proud to bring you another great shooting workout. This 30 minute shooting workout will be great for players that are limited with time but want to get a ton of shots up. This Skill Builder workout is great for after practice or even an early morning session before school starts. The goal here is to maximize your time as a player on the court and to challenge yourself in this workout. It’s never a bad idea to put in some extra work!

In this Skill Builder workout, we’ll be shooting from a variety of locations and also making sure we challenge ourselves in the process. This is truly a 30 minute workout because each shooting drill has a time goal set and each time that goal is hit, the Dish will transition directly into the next drill. This saves time on reprogramming the machine, selecting spots, and having to think about what you’re going to do next. This way you’re in and out of the gym in a hurry and have put in the most work possible.

Click and watch the complete workout below!

Catch and Shoot

The first and second shooting drills focus on getting as many shots up from the 2pt and 3pt range. We’ve selected 5 different locations for these shooting drills to practice on knocking down shots from different areas on the court. The feedback after the workout is extremely beneficial for the player and also their coach. Our shooting machines track shooting percentage by location and this data will help paint a picture over time of strengths and weakness. The Dish will hold the player accountable in their shooting and will also help coaches make accurate decisions based on player skill development.

Free Throws

After completing the first two shooting drills, the Dr. Dish will seemlessly transition into the third drill which will be free throws for 2 minutes. Once again the Dish will track shooting stats from the FT line and at the end of the workout provide this feedback. There are a lot of trainers that like to create these workouts and add in free throws between drills and the reason behind is to track shooting percentages as the player gets more and more tired. The goal is to not a see a drop in percentage throughout the workout. Its important to be consistent at the line and knock down these freebies.

Quick Feet

The fourth shooting drill will focus on quick feet. Pick any individual move you want to do that requires you to shift both feet at the same time. The goal is to quickly shift both feet for a quick move but then also back into your shooting stance. Footwork is one of the most important parts of shooting. More times then not, players will be moving before or during their shot and it’s important to have great fundamentals that are developed through practice. Consistency is key in shooting and if you practice the way you play, the results will speak for you come game time.

Butterfly Step

After completing the previous shooting drill the Dish will seemlessly transition into the fifth drill which will focus on quick rhythm butterfly step shooting. This move will help the player get an extra dribble in for rhythm purposes but will also slightly freeze the defender. This is a great way to combine the two without fully committing to the move or shot initially. It’s important to practice this all over the court and from the 2pt range even though this drill is focused on 3pt shooting. Make sure to switch up your feet when doing the move so that you can be efficient going both ways. After the rhythm butterfly shooting drill, the Dish will transition into free throws once again. Try your best to shoot over 80% every time at the line. Our drill goal is time but feel free to set shooting goals that involve streak which will add pressure and help you simulate game time pressure.

Final Shooting Drills

The 6th shooting drill in this 30 minute workout is our freestyle shooting. Typically I focus on my double moves when in freestyle mode but feel free to try some new things that get you out of your comfort zone. It’s always a good idea to add to your arsenal of moves and the best place to work on them is in practice. When you become comfortable with a move or action in practice, it makes it easier to do in an actual game. Following this shooting drill we will once again finish with free throws. You’ll have two minutes to sink as many free throws as you can before the workout is complete. After finishing be sure to save your stats to your TMS account so that you can track your progress over time. This is also a great way for your coaches to see the work you are putting in outside of practice!

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