Drill of The Week

Kyrie is making moves averaging 22ppg, 5.2 assists, 1.3 steals, and 42% from the 3-point line so far this series. Kyrie’s ability to perform under pressure and his array of moves make him a nightmare for defenders. Here at Dr. Dish, we want to highlight his signature playoff moves that players can incorporate into their own training. Check out the breakdown in the video below!


move 1: Double Jab Jumper

A double jab into a jumpshot creates space through a combination of deceptive footwork, timing, and the defender’s reaction. The first jab step forces the defender to shift their weight and the second jab destabilizes them again. With the defender off balance, the offensive player can quickly transition into a jumpshot.

Move 2: Punch Cross Dribble Pull Back

Players will make a hard dribble forward and immediately crossover quickly pulling up for a shot. As the defender is reacting to the crossover the offensive player can capitlize on the separation with a quick jump shot. 

Move 3: Delayed between the legs behind the back snatch back

Players will begin with a slow or delayed dribble between the legs to bait their defender into thinking they are setting up for a drive or another move. This hesitation allows the offensive player to shift directions with a behind the back dribble to create sudden separation for a quick jump shot.