Why Global Sports Academy?



Since 1991, Global Sports Academy (GSA) has been arranging tours for college and youth teams from the United States and countries around the world to promote international competition and goodwill. Not only do athletes learn valuable lessons through participating in their respective sports in other countries, but they also enjoy the experiences of a lifetime by being exposed to different cultures, languages, and environments and performing community service while abroad.

Coaches who travel with GSA equally benefit from participating in such international competition, honing their coaching skills and learning about international play, as well as having an opportunity to work with new talent or share valuable additional playing time to learn the assets and challenges of their teams. For athletes and coaches alike, the opportunity to engage in dynamic, international competition is professionally and personally enriching. And Coaches go for FREE.

Sandra Michael the AD at Holy Family University shared her experience with Global Sports Academy:

1. How did you come in contact with Global Sports Academy?
Our Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach’s had worked with Roy and Global Sports Academy before and had a great time and thought it would be a good experience for Holy Family University’s women’s basketball team.

2. What were the primary reasons(s) for your interest in international travel and competition?
We wanted to use this opportunity to travel and play International for many different reasons.
* To give our student athletes a broader perspective and an opportunity to learn about different cultures and see different parts of the world.
* Traveling together afforded a team bonding experience and memories of a lifetime.
* A chance to play basketball against a different style of play

3. How did you come to select to travel with Global Sports Academy?
In preparation of the trip we looked into and spoke with several companies that were interested in taking us overseas. However after speaking with Roy and Global Sports Academy we felt the most comfortable with him and what he would provide for the team and our travel party. Roy accompanied us on the trip and that just added to the customer service that we appreciated.

4. What countries did you visit and how did you develop your trip itinerary?
We visited Italy; our trip was an 8 day touring trip. When we met with Roy to go over the itinerary there were some places we want to visit and others we did not. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish on the trip and Roy worked with us to make this trip an outstanding experience for everyone.

5. What types of cultural and community service activities were scheduled as part of your itinerary?
We conducted basketball clinics for young players at each of the communities where we competed. That was good a good experience for both the team players from HFU as well as the young players in the clinic. It was a first- hand opportunity to mingle with the local children.

6. How competitive were the games, and how do you think that the players benefited from the experience?
We played three games on our trip. All the games were very competitive with good basketball played throughout each game. At each of our games we had the opportunity to interact with the local team and community. It was a memorable experience for everyone involved.

7. How do you think that your program benefited from this experience?
Being able to take our team on an International trip was very beneficial for everyone involved. Having our student athletes be able to experience another culture and see history was outstanding. Being able to spend time with teammates, family and friends in this environment is something everyone will remember. The added benefit was being able to play the game of basketball which we all loved.

8. Would you travel again with Global Sports Academy and recommend this program to other athletic programs?
Absolutely, we would surely travel with Roy and Global Sports Academy again. We have had other teams in our athletic department reach out to GSA since our trip with their own interest in traveling and playing internationally. I have spoken with several other Coaches’ in the business and recommended Roy and GSA touting the great experience our team had.

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