What about High Schools?

There has been a lot of discussion about how colleges are going to function with COVID-related restrictions, but very few people are talking about how this affects high school programs. Nettleton High School girls’ basketball team has found a way to connect with their players in spite of hurdles created by the pandemic. 

Just Play has been a game-changer for us this year. It has allowed us to put our playbook on an app that is easily accessible for our kids,” Nettleton assistant coach Caleb Livingston said. “As coaches, it has been simple to use and insert plays for the kids to get a good visual look at what we want them to focus on!”

In many parts of the country, the details surrounding this season are still in flux. In Arkansas, Nettleton’s players are under quarantine and unable to have on-court practice while preparing to defend their 2020 state title. Instead of wasting time, they have been using Just Play to teach plays they have not yet had a chance to work on in person. 

“The ability to upload video of the plays and create a video playbook will pay huge dividends,” Livingston said.

With a heavy emphasis on game preparation, the Nettleton program will also be able to customize their scouting reports and help prepare their kids for whatever this season will bring.

“Just Play will also be a great tool once the season starts,” Livingston said. “We will have the ability to upload our scouting reports, which we rely heavily upon, instead of having to print them out and expect our players to keep up with.”

The Just Play Team App gives players around-the-clock access so coaches never miss out on a moment to teach. At Nettleton, that’s been vital for their staff and will continue to be no matter what the year looks like.

Just Play Sports Solutions provides basketball staffs with a complete coaching solution – all in one application. From building playbooks, scouting opponents, teaching players, and coordinating recruiting schedules, you will prepare faster and engage better with today’s athletes using Just Play.

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