ScoutsFocus is looking for college coaches to work fall showcases

We are looking to fill working spots for our Fall Elite 80 Showcases with current college coaches. Staffing Request Link

We need to hire coaches/workers for these events located in the right column (D1’s generally can have Managers/GA’s work). You’re more than welcome to just come & watch for your school. D1’s can also watch every event live at
If the head & assistant coaches on your staff are not interested, we would consider hiring a manager/GA if they can do a good job with evals & coaching/skill work or other areas such as video.

Camp Positions Available in ALL Events*See right column for dates:
Pay Rates: 
Coach/Eval Spot: $300
Clock/Evaluator Spot: $250
Camera operator(Must have experiance): $300

New Orleans is: $175/$135/$175

*Please fill out the work request form, link below, if you are interested in filling one of these positions!

You may attend even if you don’t want to work the event.

If you know of any players that could benefit from our camps, please have them register at and use the password: SFE80CC

Admission/contact packets are free.

7:30am to around 5:30pm Saturday

8:30am to around 4:30pm Sunday

Event Staffing Coordinators:
(252-368-6358) & (252-389-9777)
[email protected]

More Info:
Clock-keepers will also do evaluations, help with set up, registration and breakdown but will not coach the kids.

Camera operator hours are the same and they would help with set up and break down and film during the day. We can move the evaluator/clock keepers up to a coaching spot if one opens.

Contact packets & admission are free for college coaches who attend either event.

If interested in coaching, we will put you on one bench and rotate the teams around so that you will personally coach for or against all of the prospects in attendance at your desired location. You would also help with set up,registration and breakdown. We will also do drills, academic and recruiting seminars you will help out with.

As a working coach, you would coach and help us evaluate and rank the players for 6-8 running clock games daily. We ask that you try and get involved and make an effort to coach the kids and be busy doing evals since parents get on us when we have coaches that just sit lazily or on their cell phones all day.

(Very important that the young kids are evaluated too as our Rankings go down to 2018 and 2019). Games are 40 minutes total, running clock. Everyone must play equally.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you can definitely fill one of these coaching, video or clock-keeping/evaluator spots!

Packets, lunch and admission will be free for working college coaches. You are also welcome to just come and watch to evaluate for your school.

“We need to hire coaches/workers for these events …



Many thanks!

Carl Holder
Director of Staffing


Ryan Moody/ Paris Roberts-Campbell

Asst. Staffing Director


Joe Davis
ScoutsFocus President