Player Productivity: Your Team’s Productivity May Surprise You

It’s hard to believe we are now less than 30 days away from National Championship. A couple of our recent conversations with coaches have highlighted the importance of one of our innovative statistical tools designed to provide a visual representation of player productivity.

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This feature makes the life of any coach easier, especially during the final stretches of the season when getting your most effective lineups on the court is essential to making a deep run.

I want to reach way back into my memory bank; all the way back to high school where I had the opportunity to play for Wayne Cichon, head coach for St. Mary’s Colgan in Kansas.

Cichon has been the head coach at Colgan for 34 years with an overall varsity record of 578-211. In the post season, his record is 107-29, where he has won five state titles and six runner-up finishes. Cichon utilizes a system that is posted after every game for players to track their “Performance Points.”

Cichon’s “Performance Points” are essentially a ratings system that determines a player’s overall productivity and effectiveness. It is a snapshot for every player, and the team as a whole, to gauge your performance in each game.

These “Performance Points”, which are posted on the wall of the locker room the day after each game, not only help the staff determine who should be playing, but publicly keep players accountable. It also forces players to compete with each other in a fun, positive way.

“It’s been a great motivational tool and it is exciting to see guys compete with not only each other, but see how they “stack-up” against some of the better teams that we’ve had in past-seasons,” said Cichon.

His system rewards points on all statistical categories including hustle plays like rebounds, assist and steals and compares it to the number of minutes they play.

This methodology is very similar to Just Play’s newest Stat Factory tool available at the Division 1 and NAIA level, Player Productivity reports. By combining in-depth statistics with data visualization, we provide coaches with important information to help them make better decisions on a daily basis for scouting reports, and with the performance of their own team.

Based on our experience in working with coaches at every level, it’s a tool that any coach will find useful and should keep in their back pocket.

Statistics sourced from Just Play Sports Solutions’ Stat Factory

“This level of insight is what we’ve been looking for. The player productivity within Just Play is a game changer and the visuals we receive makes what used to be gray, much more clear,” says Todd Shelton, Director of Basketball Operations at North Texas.

The Player Productivity allows coaches and players to self-scout and research other teams. These reports are available for 14 different splits so you can evaluate every player, in every situation to facilitate your preparation.

In the last two months of the season, productivity and focus are critical for championship runs or for Cinderella’s to emerge. Make sure you have the proper tools to help you make stronger decisions, and effectively teach players and motivate them to reach new heights.

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Technology is revolutionizing the way coaches and players interact. As founder of Just Play Sports Solutions, Austin Barone is dedicated to providing teams with the tech they need to teach plays faster and prepare for games better. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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