Head Women’s Basketball Coach – Baruch College

School: Baruch College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: CUNYAC

Position purpose:Conduct of the Women’s Basketball program that, as a demonstration of quality and success, (1) consistently places in the top 75 percent of its conference, qualifies for conference championship play, and ranks among the top 30 nationally; (2) maintains an exemplary student-athlete academic success rate (95 percent graduation rate, less than 5 percent academic failure rate, 75 percent retention rate, average GPA 3.0 or better); and (3) demonstrates positive personal development of student-athletes whose behavior and speaking skills reflect the expected competencies of a college-educated public figure.

Directly supervises:Assistant coach

Primary Responsibilities:

1.Design and implement a training program that advances individual and team performance skills, to support the achievement of the program’s purpose

2.Advance each student-athlete’s level of knowledge with regard to sport nutrition, biomechanics, exercise science, and sport psychology as it relates to improvement of sport performance

3.Design a competitive schedule that maximizes athlete development and performance

4.Recruit high-quality athletes capable of performing at desired levels

5.Recruit athletes capable of completing the baccalaureate degree and performing academically at levels reflecting program objectives

6.Conform to the highest standards of professional conduct regarding compliance with department and institutional policies and procedures and adherence to the rules and regulations of athletic governance organizations of which the institution is a member

7.Demonstrate master teaching competencies with regard to (a) sport skill instruction, (b) motivation, and (c) coaching skills during competitive events

8.Relate well to officials, high school coaches, parents, the media, alumni, donors, and the public

9.Provide strong leadership in the personal development of student-athletes as demonstrated by high standards of behavior and good public speaking skills of all team members

10.Demonstrate a high level of involvement in the personal and academic development of student-athletes through the support of the department’s academic and personal development programs serving those student-athletes

11.Manage a cost-effective and administratively efficient sport program

12.Exhibit good writing and speaking abilities; Read and respond to email within 48 hours of receipt as well as voicemails.

13.Train and supervise assistant coaches toward the end of developing head coach capabilities and supporting all program objectives

14.Adhere to department policy regarding coaches code of ethics

15.Complete other duties as assigned by the athletic director

16.Contribute to the maintenance of good working relationships with all staff, student-athletes, and external constituents through (a) a positive and constructive approach to all tasks, (b) respect for the competencies of others, and (c) appropriate conflict resolution behavior

Link: https://www.baruch.cuny.edu/hr/jobs/
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