Head Coach – Turtle Mountain Community College – Part-time

School: Turtle Mountain Community College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: 10K
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Empire 8

Primary Function: Serves as the head female basketball coach for the Turtle Mountain Community College. Plans and schedules games with other two year and four year (junior varsity level) colleges, and trains and coaches all student athletes during the duration of the basketball season.
Major Responsibilities:
1. Is responsible for the supervision of all student athletes during the course of athletic training, practices and games.
2. Works with the Athletic Director and other coaches in being responsible for keeping inventory of all assigned equipment handed out at the start of the season and returning inventory at the conclusion of the season.
3. Responsible for equipment maintenance and upkeep, and the ordering of
equipment for female basketball players.
4. Attend rules and coaching clinic as required.
5. Works with Student Services and instructors in maintaining the eligibility of student athletes.
6. Responsible for the reporting of game scores to the local media, radio and local newspapers.
7. Responsible to assure all student athletes are physically able to participate in basketball.
8. Assists and/or is responsible for the scheduling of all home and away games, and the scheduling of home game officials.
9. Assists and/or is responsible for the payment of all game officials.
10. Assists the Athletic Director in the planning and scheduling for future participation in a junior/community college basketball conference.
11. Responsible for the submitting of trip, meal, and lodging requests to the Athletic Director or the Business Office in a timely manner.
12. Helps the Athletic Director or is responsible for the preparation and submittal of a yearly budget by late May of each year.
13. Recruits (face-to-face contact, mail, etc.) high school student athletes from the surrounding area to attend and to play basketball at TMCC.
14. Conducts an evaluation of performance of the assistant coach (if applicable).
15. Assists in determining the female basketball staff.
16. Responsible for scheduling and assuring that the proper help (officials, game clock, security, supervision, ticket takers, etc.) is available and present at all home games.
17. Knowledge and application in the treatment of injuries.
18. Assure that all travel arrangements (i.e. vehicles) are made prior to all away games.
19. Prepare and determine the requirements, responsibilities, rules, and expectations, and communicate this to all student athletes prior to the start of the initial practice session and reminders throughout the season.
20. Provide to the Athletic Director and President a written report on the basketball season which includes ways to improve the program.
21. Attend meetings as required.
22. Follow and enforce student policies currently in place relevant to athletic participation.
23. Actively participate in fund-raising efforts to secure supplemental monies for the TMCC athletic program.
24. Provides assistance to the Athletic Director in becoming a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association by July 2016.
25. Conducts summer basketball camps as a way to raise money for the basketball program.
26. Promotes programs with community organizations.
27. Performs other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.

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