Assistant Coach – Earlham College – Full-time

School: Earlham College
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Salary is commensurate with experience: includes full benefit package.
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference

Earlham College is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach in the Department of Athletics. This is a full-time, 11-month administrative faculty appointment. Salary is commensurate with experience, and includes a full benefit package.
The Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach works to assist the Head Coach, performing all duties in compliance with all NCAA, Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and Earlham College rules and regulations.
Primary Duties & Responsibilities
• Build relationships with prospective student-athletes.
• Plan and host prospective student-athlete visits to campus.
• Assist head coach in responding to contacts generated over the spring and summer. These include coaches’ mailings, attendance at AAU tournaments, observing team camps, recruiting services and admissions contacts.
• Establish and maintain recruiting database.
• Perform phone calls and emails to recruits usually 5-10 calls per night, 3-4 nights per week.
• Attend practices and/or games of recruits usually 2 or 3/week during season.
• If available assist in summer recruiting efforts by attending 3-4 summer team camps and 6-8 AAU tournaments.
**Office Duties
• Video coordinator – assure that all video exchanges are performed including the filming and copying of our games, the request and secure of future opponent game film and the editing of our games and future opponents tapes.
• Assist the head coach as travel coordinator by arranging bus and van schedules, pre- and post-game meals and overnight accommodations.
• Organize meals and film sessions over fall and winter breaks.
• Assist the head coach in monitoring academic progress.
• Be a presence in the office, able to assist player needs.
**Practice/Player Development
• Assist head coach with daily practice plan.
• Assure playing court set-up i.e. baskets, clock, properly inflated balls, clean practice gear.
• Direct breakdown drills providing individual player attention and more repetitions per player.
• Assist in overseeing weight training and individual workouts.
• Assist in designing off-season workouts for player improvement.
**Scouting/Game Preparation/Game Day Duties
• Assist head coach in game plan and scout of future opponents.
• Instruct second team as a scout team.
• Assist with game decisions i.e. timeouts, substitutions, strategy, addressing individual player concerns during game.
• Perform duties of trainer, manager, scorer i.e. pass list, manage med kit, water bottles, warm-ups, blood jersey, and stats including timeout and fouls.
• Post-game duties – video exchange, arrange team meal, secure statistics and contact sports information director.
• Help distribute, collect and inventory player gear and equipment.
• Assist with all program fundraisers.
• Be knowledgeable and able to assume head coaching responsibilities in case the head coach is unable to perform his duties.
• Be an active member of the athletic department staff by attending staff meetings, supporting other athletic programs and being responsive to the needs of departmental support staff (director of athletics, support staff, athletic trainer, sports information director, equipment manager).

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