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“When a great team loses through complacency,
it will constantly search for new and more intricate explanations to explain away defeat.” – Pat Riley

Player development and teaching is changing extremely rapidly, and everyone can agree that players are different today than they were 5-10 years ago. Players are so ingrained in technology, it has become second nature to them.

However – for some coaches, technology is intimidating.

The problem is that while players are changing, coaches are not. Millennials consume all of their information, news, social media and now even school work on their devices – yet coaches are forced to still print, until now.

This offseason add another strength to your skillset. Integrate video into your scout or playbook and push it to your players on their mobile devices (in addition to the print out).  You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll develop. You will see an immediate return on your investment, players will start to learn much faster and be excited about the app. Don’t believe us? Just go ask them. 

Here’s a case study: Western Illinois Women’s Basketball.

Head Coach: JD Gravina
2016 Record: 16-16

Coach Gravina decided to pick up Just Play, and utilize the system no different than we would train any other coach to do so. Gravina received no special treatment. Yet, the result of the 2017 season was a 26-7 record, a conference championship and a berth in big dance.

Let’s go back to player preparation, and the player understanding. For Gravina, utilizing Just Play allowed him to teach to his players and not at his players. Players spent more than 3,700 minutes studying within the system on their own time.

In addition to the scout, AHC Seth Minter offered his players a weekly scout quiz for them to take on their own, when convenient for them.

The year average for the team on scouting report quizzes: 94%.

Self Scout Snapshot of Four Factor Statistics provided by Just Play Sports Solutions

Need more proof that our system makes players more prepared? Western Illinois ranked in the Top 15 teams in the nation in Offensive TO% and in the Top 45 in Defensive TO%.

The data doesn’t lie. More prepared players make fewer mistakes and win more games. There really isn’t a comparison for the power of teaching with Just Play and your paper scout….Teams across the country are making the switch, Just Play is less expensive and provides a huge competitive advantage. Can you really afford to not make the switch? 



If you’re interested in learning more click to see a quick video or visit to set up a demo.




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