Global Sports Academy Needs Coaches

Since 1991, Global Sports Academy (GSA) has been arranging tours for college and youth teams from the United States and countries around the world to promote international competition and goodwill.  Not only do athletes learn valuable lessons through participating in their respective sports in other countries, but they also enjoy the experiences of a lifetime by being exposed to different cultures, languages, and environments and performing community service while abroad.


  • Willing to travel OVERSEAS and continue to ADVANCE personal Career development.
  • Great opportunity to enhance personnel development, travel to Foreign Countries, expand their networking base, open up new recruiting avenues for their institutions with European Clubs.
  • Invaluable experience developing 10 individuals into a squad while making game day decisions that will make a lasting impression.


You go free, opportunity to be a Head Coach and lead a select group vs foreign competition.

Tour Locations
2016 GSA Select Teams travels to:
Italy & Switzerland Tour
Europe: Destinations may include Holland, Brussels, England, France, or Germany

For more information, please visit: Global Sports Academy