GLOBAL SPORTS ACADEMY (GSA) – Coaching Opportunity Select Team to Europe August 2023 

Since 1991, Global Sports Academy (GSA) has been arranging tours for  college and youth teams from the United States and countries around the  world to promote international competition and goodwill. Not only do  athletes learn valuable lessons through participating in their respective  sports in other countries, but they also enjoy the experiences of a lifetime  by being exposed to different cultures, languages, and environments and  performing community service while abroad. 

Coaches who travel with GSA equally benefit from participating in such  international competition, honing their coaching skills and learning about  international play, as well as having an opportunity to work with new  talent or share valuable additional playing time to learn the assets and  challenges of their teams. For athletes and coaches alike, the opportunity  to engage in dynamic, international competition is professionally and  personally enriching. And Coaches go for FREE. 

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Binghamton Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Marlon Guild shared his  thoughts on his time overseas with Global Sports Academy:

1. How did you come in contact with Global Sports Academy? 

I had heard about the Global Sports Academy from other college coaches  around the country. They raved about the opportunity to move “one seat  over” and having the chance to “call your own timeout”. From there I  ended up getting in touch with Coach Roy (Blumenthal) and letting him  know of my interest and from there we got to work. 

2. What was the primary reasons(s) for your choosing to travel with  Global Sports Academy, such as for professional development,  international recruitment opportunities, etc.? 

The main reason for me choosing to travel with Global Sports Academy  was the opportunity to coach in a game which I think I needed for the  advancement in my career. I was also intrigued by the opportunity to  coach in another country and learn the way the game of basketball is  played outside of America. 

3. How were the players selected for your team? 

The players on my team were selected through cold calling coaches  around the country and seeing if they had any players who would be  interested in seeing the world while playing the game of basketball from a  different lens. 

4. What countries did you visit and what was your daily activity  schedule? 

My team and I visited Belgium and the neighboring cities. Our daily activity  was getting on the road to whatever city we were playing in later that day  and sightseeing. We would do this from a couple hours before heading to  the venue to play against a local team from city we were in. After the  game ended, we would eat a meal with the team we played against. It was  such a great experience because I was able see how other coaches did  things and how the players from those cities went about their way of life.

5. How competitive were the games, and how do you think that the  players benefited from the experience? 

The games were very competitive. I think the players that I had benefitted  by having a chance to play against “pro level” players and allowed them to  see what they needed to work on if they wanted to play at the  professional level down the road. 

6. What challenges did you face having players from different  universities as well as with international play? 

If there was a challenge I would say it was that there wasn’t enough  practice time for them to adapt to the rules. I definitely give credit to the  players that I had because they were able to pick up on the rules that  were different from what they were used to in America.  

7. What were some of the highlights for you as a cultural experience? 

There were so many highlights for me on my trip to Belgium. I made it my  duty to eat all the local foods. Sure, they had McDonalds and things like  that, but I really wanted to immerse myself with the culture of the  respective cities we visited.  

Visiting the Atonium and the Royal Palace of Brussels will be something I  never forget, and I’d be remised if I didn’t mention the different versions  of Belgium waffles, I tried LOL. All in all the culture experience was one I’d  highly recommend for anyone.  

8. How did you benefit professionally and/or personally from this  experience? 

I benefitted professionally from the standpoint of being able to run a team  for the first time and experimenting with different play styles that  intrigued me. Personally, I never thought I’d travel to a place like Belgium  and visit cities like Amsterdam and Bruges, but I am glad I did.

9. Would you travel again with Global Sports Academy and  recommend this program to other coaches? I would travel again with the Global Sports Academy and recommend this  program to other coaches. Not only does it prepare people to be future  head coaches, but experience of seeing the world allows for one to  broaden their horizons.