Getting out of your Comfort Zone with Basketball Training

The greatest players in the game of basketball understand the importance of hard work and dedication. The athletes that are willing to push their bodies to the limit and get out of their comfort zone are usually the ones that have a competitive edge on their opponents. Dr. Dish Basketball understands that training hard and game-like isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding when done right!

What is getting out of your comfort zone?

Getting out of your comfort zone with training doesn’t always necessarily mean working extremely hard to the brink of throwing up. It can also mean working on the skills that you know are weaknesses. It’s very easy for players to step on the court for practice and only work on the skills they are comfortable with. It’s naturally in a player to show the best version of them self on the court even at practice or playing pick up ball at the gym. One of the best ways to become a more complete player is to work on weaknesses individually or in the off-season, but then also experiment and try these skills against actual competition. There will always be growing pains and times of embarrassment but eventually that will lead to confidence and success.

How can Dr. Dish help?

One way to push yourself is to use training equipment like the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine because this will help accelerate skill development and decrease the amount of trial and error when it comes to actual game play. Our revolutionary Skill Builder is a tool that allows players to create complete workouts and also track their progress over time so that they can see definitive results and also hold themselves accountable each day. Proper technique plus added reps and game-like training will help players maximize their potential and also add new skills that they may have not felt comfortable with before.

Take the next step!

There is a metaphorical wall that each player will eventually get to. This wall comes sooner to most in the form of conditioning and mental fatigue, but these are skills that need to be worked on just like ball-handling and shooting. Some players will train their body to get over that wall and quickly find out that there is another one up ahead. The players that are able to figure it out and train with purpose are the ones that will find the most success on and off the court. Sometimes it takes a person getting out of their comfort zone to become great because the feeling and satisfaction of success will rise to the top.


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