Drills: Read & React Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

In Coach Tony Miller‘s 7th Dr. Dish Drill of the week, he provides a great explanation of a “read and react” shooting drill. Check out the full breakdown below!

Dish - RR Drill

This next drill has two purposes. The first is to work on making the extra pass. If you want to make it more game-like, add a defender to quickly close out to Player 1. On the closeout, Player 1 should make a “one up” pass to Player 2 for the shot. 

Check out the video breakdown below!

Player 1 passes the to player 2 for a shot. On the second pass from the Dish, Player 1 should catch and drive middle. Player 2 will slide from the wing to the slot. Player 1 passes to Player 2, who then shoots on the catch. After the shot, the two players switch places.