Drill of The Week

I love using our Dish shooting machine as another coach during our small group and individual player workouts. Not only do we use our CT as a rebounder, but we also move it around to serve as an additional passer. Checkout the drill breakdown below.

Post Player development Drill 

Post Player Development
  • Place the Dr. Dish on the wing, behind the three-point line.
  • Begin with the player on the block, facing the Dish.
  • The first pass goes to the player posting up on the block.
  • On the catch, the player uses a post move to score it.
  • The second pass goes to coach at the free throw line.
  • On the pass to the coach, the post player leg whips and seals the defender to then receive a high-low pass from the coach.
  • Finish with a score at the rim.