Drill of The Week

In this Dr. Dish drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller he demonstrates a great drill for teams and players to work on opening up the offense with ball screen. Checkout the full drill breakdown below.

We frequently like to break down common actions within our offense to rep the movements before shooting. This is the basic, ball screen, roll, shake action (minus the roll). Use this drill to work on driving off the catch and finding open shooters. As well as shooting from the 3pt line off the catch.

Ball Screen with Shake

Ball Screen with Shake Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

  • On the pass from the Dr. Dish, Player 1 drives off the cone (i.e., the screener) while Player 2 lifts from the corner
  • After clearing the cone with one or two dribbles, Player 1 throws back to Player 2 for the shot
  • Players rotate spots