Drill of the Week

Having a knock-down jump shot is great. Being able to create that jump shot off the dribble, or having the ball-handling skills to make you a multi-dimensional player, is elite.

At Dr. Dish, we understand the importance of being more than just a great shooter, which is why we have drills to help you train multiple aspects of your game!

Here are 4 great drills that will help improve your ball-handling and make you a more dangerous offensive player.

1.) 2 ball drill with Kyle Travis

This versatile ball handling drill from NBA trainer and iCan Bball founder Kyle Travis works on changing direction in small pockets of space.

2.) Off Hand Dribbling with Jordan Lawley

This drill from NBA skills trainer Jordan Lawley focuses on players’ off hand movements while dribbling. Off hand movement helps players control their defenders through additional contact creating more separation. 

3.) Disconnect Drill with Ryan Razooky

Our partner and elite skills trainer, Ryan Razooky of The Hoop House breaks down a great ball handling drill called the Disconnect Drill. The goal of this drill is for players to move away from the basketball, keeping it far away from their bodies to move/shift their defenders.

4.) Between the LEgs Progression with Coach Mason

This drill from our very own Coach Jefferson Mason only requires a basketball and a small amount of space. Players will focus on controlling their dribble between the legs, maintaining proper form, getting into a rhythm, and working up to game speed. 

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