Drill of the Week

In this Dr. Dish Drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller breaks down a great transition offense drill for teams to practice at game-speed. Check out the full breakdown below!


Transition offense has always been an important part of modern basketball. But as teams at every level continue to adopt a fast-paced style of play, it’s becoming even more necessary that players have the skills to score in transition.

With players now running to the 3-point line on the break, defenses are adjusting and sending defenders to the perimeter too. Instead of forcing contested shots, players need to recognize defenders closing out and attack off shot fakes.

Transition Offense

  • In this drill, players form two lines on the outside third of the floor.
  • The coach will stand in the middle of the court out past the three-point line.
  • On the pass to the coach, Player 1 will sprint to the three-point line and will receive a pass from the coach.
  • After a shot fake, player 1 will drive middle and finish with either a jump shot or floater deep in the paint.
  • This will continue with the coach alternating passes to each side of the floor.