Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: UW-Milwaukee Shake Drill

Head Men’s Basketball Coach,  Pat Baldwin of UW-Milwaukee demonstrates a great team shooting drill to get open looks at the wing off of a ball screen. Coach Baldwin implements the Shake Drill utilizing the Dr. Dish CT Machine

Check out the full demonstration in the video below!

Shake Drill

  • Two Lines, one at the wing (player 1) and corner (player 2)
  • Starts with a pass to player 1 at the wing from the Dr. Dish CT
  • Player 1 then dribbles off the screen while player 2 moves to the wing position
  • Player 1 then passes the ball to player 2 at the wing 
  • Player 2 then has multiple options for taking the shot
    • Catch and shoot
    • Pump fake and shoot
    • Drive and shoot etc. 
  • The drill starts over with player 1 receiving the pass at the wing again