Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: DHO Drift Kick Back

This is a great drill using the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine from Coach Jordan Petersen of Ellsworth High School and Positionless Basketball. Here, he combines multiple different game-like actions and each player gets a shooting rep every cycle during the drill.

Check it out below!

The drill begins with a dribble hand off near the top of the key. The player receiving the ball takes a dribble or two and hits their teammate flexing out toward the corner. That player then attacks baseline and hits the initial player who received the first pass executing a hammer action. The player receiving the last pass takes a shot and the player who initially receiving the dribble hand off receives a pass from the Dish in the opposite corner for a shot.

As always, it’s essential to envision these scenarios in a game setting and execute at game speed. One way to make it more game-like is by having the player who passes the ball to the corner on the hammer action close out and contest the shot or force the player to take a dribble to create an open shot.

Try this in your practices/training sessions and feel free to add your own wrinkles in