Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Baseline Drift with Coach Tony Miller

In this Dr. Dish Drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller  demonstrates a great team shooting drill called Baseline Drift Shooting. This drill incorporates players driving the baseline and then kicking the ball out to the baseline drift player for an open shot. Check out the full breakdown below!

Baseline Drift

More teams are incorporating the “baseline drift” pass into their offensive systems. Often, a drive and kick like this along the baseline is effective against teams who help with the weak side low man. Against teams that rotate on the weak side, a “one up” pass often leads to an open shot on the wing (see Frame 2).

Baseline Drift Shooting: Frame 1

  • Player 1 receives a pass from the Dish and immediately drives baseline.
  • After completing a paint touch, the player will make a baseline drift pass to Player 2, who will then shoot.

Frame 2

  • Add a help defender to this version of the drill.
  • On the baseline drift pass from Player 1, the defender (x1) will closeout to Player 2.
  • Player 2 makes the “one up” pass to Player 3, who will then shoot.