Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Step Back vs. Step Out with Reid Ouse

At Dr. Dish Basketball we’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some of the top basketball skills trainers to help enhance the game with our machines. Recently, we had Coach Reid Ouse of Catalyst Training join us in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a few of his favorite basketball drills to execute on Dr. Dish.

In this video he focuses on when to execute a “Step Back” vs. when to execute a “Step Out” move. This is a tremendous detail-oriented breakdown that can help any player create their shot off the dribble.

As Reid explains in the video, it’s important to get your shooting elbow to the rim in order to maximize your accuracy. When attacking to your strong hand, this is difficult to do in a Step Back situation because of the angle of your feet and hips. This is why the Step Out is a more effective move as it also creates an awkward close out for the defender as well.

Stay tuned for more great content coming from Coach Ouse and check out his previous Stop Separation breakdown!

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And always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose. Let’s get it, baby!