Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Spacial Movement Series

Dr. Dish Basketball continues to provide efficient training skills and drills that will help your team maximize their potential.

In this Drill of the Week, we focused on spatial shooting and several basketball shooting drills to help work on this. These are great drills that small group or teams can use to help players shoot in motion and also in space. Check out the video below and see how you can incorporate these three shooting drills into your practice!


Misdirection Shooting Drill

In this first shooting drill, players will focus on shooting coming off a “reverse screen” or a “fill-in” cut from where the penetrator started attacking. This action isn’t familiar to most players because it’s not an ordinary shooting motion. There are several college and pro teams that use this motion as a quick hitter to get a great open look. This drill also helps players work on attacking the hoop and making passes out of the reverse pivot. The goal is to get a ton of reps in and make sure that you are setting the action up properly every time. Work on making shots while tired and also work on making great passes to your teammates and executing the fundamentals.

Hand-off Relocation Shooting Drill

In our second drill we worked on our hand off relocation shooting. This is a great drill to focus on quick shooting behind the screener and also shooting on the move. Oftentimes players are stagnant on hand offs and passes and the focus is to get both players moving into space for shots each time. The Dish will maximize reps and both players will work hard until the set goal is reached (ex: 25 makes). The player handing off the basketball will want to make sure they position their body properly handing the ball off on the outside hand. This way the defender can sneak in for the steal and this also gives the shooter time to get the shot off. Work hard in this drill and make sure to stay fundamentally sound the entire way through.

America’s Play Shooting Drill

The last shooting drill we worked on featured “America’s Play.” Almost every team has a variation of this play which features the screen the screener action. At the top of the key we are simulating two screens closing the elevator door on the defender for the shot at the top of the key. The player making the pass will receive a pass from the Dish and take a shot as well. They will then hustle to the lane and repeat. This is a great way to practice getting your feet set up before the shot. The player shooting at the top of the key will have to be quick and adjust their body on the fly upon receiving the pass. Once again these drills can be used in the small group or team setting.

Basketball Coaches and Trainers: Be sure to set shooting goals on the Dish like “Make-It” mode or “Streak Mode” to challenge your players even more in these drills!

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