Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Decision Making Closeouts with Positionless Basketball

At Dr. Dish Basketball we’re always looking for different ways to utilize our machines for game-like scenarios. We were thankful to have Coach Jordan Petersen of Positionless Basketball join us in the Dish Lab to showcase ways that he uses Dr. Dish with his players.

In this shooting drill, we simulate a 2 on 1 situation where the defender needs to make a decision on who he closes out on. This is a common scenario during games where the defense is put in a tough position to try and guard two players.

The offensive player receiving the pass also must make a decisive decision on whether to shoot or make the extra pass to his teammate on the perimeter.

This is a great small group/team shooting drill to work on decision making, shooting, passing, and closeouts. Check out the full video below!


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