Drill of The Week

Looking to make your shooting drills a little more game-like? Try adding a defensive player to increase the pressure on the shooter. Check out the 3 drills outlined below to get you started!

Pressure Shooting

In today’s game, offenses are designed to create long closeouts for the defense. In times past, players were taught to drive the closeout simply due to the proximity of defenders on the catch. Today, offensive players must catch ready to shoot and make those 3PAs, especially from the deep corners. Check out the full video below for a breakdown!


Drill Breakdown:

  • Player 1 receives a pass from the Dish.
  • After catching the pass, Player 1 will immediately pass down to Player 2.
  • On the pass, Player 3 will closeout to the shooter.
  • Player 2 will catch and shoot under pressure.

Snatch Shooting 

Being efficient and effective with your footwork and form are paramount in catch-and-shoot situations. This 1 v 1 shooting game forces shooters to quickly organize their feet, position the ball into their shot pocket, and move into their shooting motion. Check out the full video below for a breakdown! https://www.youtube.com/embed/jzC0pHd14K8?feature=oembed

Drill Breakdown:

  • The defender stands at the free throw line, facing the Dr. Dish; while the shooter two steps behind the defender.
  • When the Dish passes out to the free throw line, the defender can hand the ball out to either side.
  • When the shooter snatches the ball, the defender can then move to contest the jumper.

Quick Contests

If all you’re looking for is a little defensive pressure, then check out this quick contest drill. I’ve found it’s the fastest way to get up a lot of shots against mild defensive pressure. Plus, your younger players will love it. Check out the full video below for a breakdown!


Drill Breakdown:

  • The defender will start at 3-point line.
  • The shooter will start 5 to 6 feet behind the 3-point line.
  • On the Dish’s pass out to the shooter, the shooter steps in to receive the pass at the 3-point line.
  • At the same time, the defender touches the free throw line then sprints to contest the shot.