Suite 615 offering Professional Development Opportunity

What has been the most beneficial professional development service you have experienced in your career? Well, we have a more advantageous service for you.

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For college coaches, it’s important to invest in your own skill development in order to (1) achieve the level of success that you’re capable of achieving in your current position, and (2) to impress decision-makers so that you can ascend to higher ranking positions.

But who is willing to invest time and offer a service that is truly beneficial for your development? The answer is Suite 615 Sports Advisors. Having represented prominent college and NFL football coaches since 2014, Suite 615 Sports Advisors founder and agent Pete Roussel has created an edge for his clients by offering coaches a unique mock interview service that includes detailed feedback so his clients learn specifically how to improve their introductions, how to tell their story, and how to formulate responses that impress decision-makers.

What makes Pete’s mock interview service the industry’s best? Pete studies the background of his clients, chooses an interview scenario that is likely forthcoming for his client, and crafts a script of questions specifically relevant to his client and the expected role. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, the client feels that an actual interview is taking place. The process concludes with the client receiving detailed written feedback and an opportunity for the client to ask questions.

Pete also offers Leadership Interviews which force coaches to think about their philosophical beliefs, strategies, decision-making, and leadership tactics. By participating in a Leadership Interview, clients better discover who they want to be while also staying attentive to the current landscape of college athletics or professional sports.

If you think it’s important to improve your skillset and continue developing as a professional, email Pete Roussel to schedule a Mock Interview or Leadership Interview.