Relocation Service for College Basketball Coaches

“Helping college coaches find their home away from the court”

Your coaching change just got 100x easier. Relocation Hoops Agent will help college basketball coaches transition to their new destination easily. The coaching carousel is always changing. Each spring there are hundreds of coaching changes announced. The emotional roller coaster from going from one job to the next can be difficult for the coach and their families. Relocation Hoops Agent donates 10% of the commission earned to the charity of the coaches choice after the sale is complete. NABC Benevolent Fund, WBCA Benevolent Fund, Coaches vs. Cancer, and Kay Yow Fund are some notable charitable causes within the coaches association.


Coaches devote countless numbers of hours to developing their program. They are leaders in the community, mentors for student-athletes, and brand ambassadors for their school. As realtors, we understand the emotional highs and lows of buying and selling a home. Our mission is to make your job transition as smooth as possible, so you can focus on starting your new job. With over 1.5 million real estate agents in the US, our responsibility is to find you a knowledgeable real estate expert in your market. We interview agents and find you the best one that suits your needs. We understand that time is of the essence! Within 24 hours we will find you a trusted Realtor advisor. We stay on top of them to make sure your move goes as planned.  We look forward to helping you find your home away from the court!



Relocation Hoops Agent

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