The often overlooked “little things” that make a big difference

When you are looking for ways to improve your program, what do you look for? Colleague insight? Books? Clinics? Film?


Most programs look to these methods of getting better, but top teams aren’t stopping there and know that all of the “little things” add up. It can’t just be about the X’s and O’s. Sometimes the seemingly small things like communicating information and staying organized can make a big impact. You only have so many hours to use – engaging players in a way that they are used can help you make the most of those hours.


“TeamSynced has been a valuable asset to the communication within our program. It eliminates so many excuses and helps promote a culture of accountability. Everything our team needs to know is at their fingertips”


  • Josh Eilert, West Virginia Men’s Basketball


If you are still inputting schedules, itineraries, and scouting reports into documents to print or email, just to edit and resend, or you are shuffling through paper to find your student-athlete’s availability, then you are spending far more time than you realize on tasks that take you away from coaching and recruiting.


The TeamSynced platform, a product within the Teamworks company, was created to drive student-athlete engagement and save time for coaches by putting daily information in one place.


“I believe TeamSynced, more than anything, helps cut down time wasted for us. We used to have to send the schedule for the following day to the entire team the night before. With TeamSynced, inputting the schedule takes minutes and can be done well in advance.”


– Omar Wattad, Lincoln Memorial basketball




Where do your players go for information? Where do we all go? Our phone.


Every day, coaches struggle to get their team to check email and scroll through group messages to make sure they receive the correct information. Too many hours are spent trying to figure out how best to input information and effectively share it with everyone who needs to be in the loop.


To have everything in one place is not only beneficial to you and your staff, it is incredibly beneficial to the student-athlete and their ability to manage everything they have going on throughout their days.


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