Women’s Basketball Coordinator of Video and Creative Content – University of Washington

School: University of Washington
Position: Women's Basketball Coordinator of Video and Creative Content
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $3,024 - $4,014 per month
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: PAC-12

The Coordinator of Video and Creative Content will be responsible for video and graphic operations specific to the UW Women’s Basketball program.  This role includes the filming, design and implementation of video elements for use by the coaches and for the purpose of program development, brand marketing, recruiting and player specific elements.

Set-up and operate video and computer equipment for the Women’s Basketball program.  Manage videotaping of practices.  Manage video media (discs, hard drives, etc.).  Digitize, edit and organize video footage using computerized editing system, SportsCode, for video scouting, breakdowns and presentations.  Code and catalog all game plays and statistical data throughout the season. Acquire and catalog opponent’s game videos from broadcast TV, cable or satellite.  Responsible for video exchange with opponents.  Coordinate with Athletics Video Operations personnel for video support of home games and duplications.

Produce high quality, creative videos for recruiting and year-end highlight videos.  Produce creative content recaps of events, road trips, etc. for the Women’s Basketball program and its various social media outlets.

Manage content of UW Women’s Basketball recruiting social media accounts including posts and updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Create a consistent brand and personality for social media accounts.  Update as needed.  Design graphics and other elements for dissemination on social media platforms.  Provide support to the coaching staff in use of social media on multiple platforms by updating and posting in sync with the Women’s Basketball brand.

May work collaboratively with the coaching staff and director of operations and members of the Creative Marketing Team on the development and production of content for recruiting purposes.
Perform other duties, as assigned.

Compliance with the rules and regulations of the University, the NCAA, the PAC-12 Conference, the State of Washington and any other governing body is of paramount importance to the University.  The overall responsibility of this position is for the successful operation of the program in full compliance with all such rules and regulations.  As a condition of employment, the Employee shall be required to participate in rules education programs offered by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

High school graduation or equivalent AND two years of experience in electronics, television operations, or production, including one year as a TV/Video Equipment Operator 1 OR equivalent education/experience.

Proficient in Sportscode/Synergy software and has played or worked in college or professional athletics.

Bachelor’s degree preferred in graphic design, art, communications, business, public relations or related field.

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

Link: https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/eng/candidates/default.cfm?szCategory=JobProfile&szOrderID=181967&szlocationID=88
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