Video Coordinator – The University of Mississippi – Full-time

School: The University of Mississippi
Position: Video Coordinator
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $1,884.80/biweekly
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: SEC

Coordinates physical set-up for videotaping of athletic events for both home and visitor cameras. Supervises transportation of equipment to athletic events. Supervises videotaping of athletic events by personnel. Supervises and trains employees in all facets of the operation of the Video Department. Videotapes athletic events. Generated edited tapes by use of computer equipment and distributes edited tapes to appropriate personnel. Also maintains archives of past athletic events. Produces highlight tapes for promotional recruitment and motivational use. Coordinates services with Ole Miss Sports Production department and daily schedules with the coaching staff. Conceptualize and design, with input from coaching staff, videotaping plan with regard to camera positions and assignments. Produced situational cut-ups and statistical data videos by position, play and formation for coaching staff. Plan, coordinate, and implement network system software and hardware upgrades, operation system, enhancements, and/or new services offering, including the integration with other network systems. Design and place electronic graphic slate at head and tail of tapes as well as individual play identification graphics. Maintains computer files and software and performs routine maintenance on equipment. Performs upgrades and configuration of video software programs for network system. Coordinates and trades film exchanges in accordance with SEC and NCAA guidelines; which includes documenting number of copies, adhering to deadlines, shipping guidelines, and formats. Performs troubleshooting, software configuration, and problem resolution with external technical service providers which my involve system emergencies with video network system. Purchases equipment and supplies for use by department personnel. Stays abreast of new equipment available and advises supervisors of equipment and its capabilities. Develop short and long-term strategic planning for equipment acquisition.

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