Video Coordinator – East Carolina University – Full-time

School: East Carolina University
Position: Video Coordinator
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $20,455 per contract year.
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: MAAC

Reporting to the Women’s Basketball Head Coach , the individual in this position is responsible for, but not limited to, the following duties:
1. Videotaping of all practices and home/away games.
2. Providing video needs for game analysis, scouting, and instructional training purposes.
3. Editing and breakdown of practice and game videos to coaching staff specifications (i.e. separation of offense and defense possessions, assigning data to each play, etc.)
4. Fully utilizing capabilities of XOS and other applicable software to produce video needs.
5. Ensuring that all video equipment is properly maintained, repaired, and functioning.
6. Transporting, and setting up properly, equipment for practice and game day needs, including properly running cables and ensuring safety of the public and student-athletes during game day and practice sessions.
7. Visualizing, interpreting, and scripting to produce highlight/recruiting videos using innovative production and graphic techniques.
8. Organizing non -conference and conference film exchange in accordance with applicable guidelines.
9. Assisting with camps/clinics as directed by the Head Coach.
10. Training and mentoring of student/part-time video assistants.
11. Building quality relationships and working collaboratively and professionally with Athletics, Pirate Club, and University staff, students, and all constituencies and stakeholders. Abiding by all policies and procedures of ECU, the Department of Athletics, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and all applicable conferences or associations.
12. Performing other duties as assigned by the Head Basketball Coach

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