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BallMajor mentors student athletes for life long success, regardless of the length of their playing careers, by developing healthy habits for both the body and mind. BallMajor empowers student athletes, helping them control their destinies on and off the court, by building practical skills for success.

BallMajor is looking for skill development coaches to partner with our network of educators and coaches. By partnering with BallMajor, you will help bring scholarships and sustained academic success for student athletes.

Why Partner:

Building the STUDENT and the ATHLETE: Set yourself apart from trainers who only offer skill training. Partnering with BallMajor brings an added asset to your training business: academic coaching and mentoring. BallMajor builds student athletes’ reading, writing, and test taking skills and healthy study and organizational habits, making players better candidates for college.  Higher test scores and grade point averages give your players an academic edge for scholarship offers. Moreover, it will help your players succeed in their coursework once they get into college. This pandemic has set many student athletes’ academic gains back. Let BallMajor help your student athletes get back on track and exceed their academic goals.

We focus on the STUDENT; you build the ATHLETE!


BallMajor will payout ten percent (10%) distribution for every athlete that signs up for services through your recommendation, for the duration of the athlete’s subscription.

Skill Coaches:

Our coaching partners will conduct their own skill sessions and practices. BallMajor has suggested basketball workouts, but the selected skill coaches can continue with their current coaching philosophy and regimen.


  1. Provide and foster a positive and professional coaching environment for players, parents, and staff.
  2. Must have strong knowledge of basketball and a passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring.
  3. Actively work to improve the skills of their clients, with the goal to attaining scholarship offers.
  4. Build and sustain clients who are looking to develop as students and athletes.
  5. Organize, arrange, and communicate practice schedules for all clients.
  6. Introduce eligible clients to BallMajor’s student development and emphasize the importance of academic growth.
  7. Execute grassroots marketing strategies to continue to build your client base.
Applicant Information:

Send resumes to [email protected]

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