Head Women’s Basketball Coach – University of Alaska Fairbanks

School: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: GNAC


  • Community relations and fundraising Assist in the development and implementation of fundraising for the program and the department. Promote a positive image for the athletic program and institution. Work with department liaison and local media to publicize the program, team members and season results. Foster positive relationships with all the campus community, alumni, boosters and Fairbanks community.Essential
  • Consultation/advising of student-athlete welfare Foster team compliance with NCAA, conference and institution academic standards. Counsel student-athletses, to encourage satisfactory progress toward a degree and graduation. Create a positive team atmosphere. Supervise team while off-campus on trips.Essential
  • Administrative Duties Comply with directives from the Director of Athletics. Immediately inform the Director of Athletics of rule violations or potential rule violations. Comply with all NCAA and conference rules and regulations; University of Alaska Policy and Regulations; UAF policies, rules and procedures; Athletic Dept. rules and procedures. Operate athletic program within assigned budget and assist in the development of the program budget, which is not limited to financial aid, travel, guarantees, officiating, equipment and supplies. Recruit, manage, coach and supervise all aspects of the Women”s Basketball varsity sports team and program.Essential
  • Practice and competition and game organization and scheduling Schedule Design and conduct practice and competitive events of the team Conduct pre-season conditioning and practice Coach Promote, recruit Division II teams through contacts with coaches, athletic directors and conference commissioners for UAF”s Division II basketball tournament. Schedule opponents years in advance. Secure return games with guarantees.Essential
  • Recruiting Observe, evaluate and recruit student-athletes who have the academic and athletic ability to succeed in the classroom and on the court. All recruiting efforts must demonstrate the conscience effort to recruit students from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.Essential
  • Supervise and evaluate Assistant coaches and other staff.Essentia
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