Head Women’s Basketball Coach – Ohio Dominican University

School: Ohio Dominican University
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III

The Head Women’s Basketball Coach will report directly to the Director of Athletics. The head Coach is responsible for the management and administration of the sports program and team.

Job Responsibilities:

ADMINISTRATION of your program which includes but is not limited to: line-item budgeting, preparation of purchase requisitions and check requests in a timely manner, preparing a job description for each staff member including volunteers, evaluating your staff including volunteers on an annual basis for approval, proposing the hiring and termination of your staff with proper documentation for approvals, timely requests of season advances, prioritized deferred maintenance and increases/decreases in budget.

Athletic and Academic scholarships allowed by the NCAA and ODU must be followed and administrated by each head coach using allowable numbers of scholarship assigned to each program, following NCAA and ODU financial aid requirements and receiving proper approvals from ODU administration and staff.

Using the “Life in the Balance” as a guide for administrative decisions and including the NCAA strategic platform for respect, responsibility, service, integrity, sportsmanship and balance which could include:

servant leadership opportunities inside and outside our communities, good game environment characteristics, following the ODU and G-MAC Sportsmanship statements, and high academic and athletic achievement on and off the fields and floors.

COACHING of your program which includes but is not limited to: the well being of our student-athletes (SA) and staff, teaching and/or coaching our SA and staff proper academic and athletic techniques on and off the fields and floors, effective practice and game planning, and the end results of this coaching being defined in wins and losses.

FUNDRAISING your club accounts and programs which includes but is not limited to: developing a plan to supplement extra travel outside of the G-MAC requirements, developing a plan to supplement extra supplies that are not budgeted for in our line-item budgets, developing a plan for deferred maintenance that cannot wait and supporting all Department of Athletics fundraising activities including table sponsors and auction items for the Black & Gold Club.

RECRUITING AND RETENTION of your program which includes but is not limited to: reaching your roster goals and expectations set by the institution and by following the NCAA Manual and the ODU Compliance Manual for proper rules, policies and procedures, by obtaining acceptable NCAA, G-MAC and ODU graduation rates and by maintaining an acceptable roster size to contribute to the programs retention goals and to ODU’s retention goals.

Additional Responsibilities:

All ODU administrators and staff are responsible for understanding the NCAA rules, policies and regulations in the areas of admissions, financial aid, marketing and registration. Not abiding by these rules, policies and regulations or purposely not reporting known violations could possibly lead to termination. Administrator’s are expected to participate in compliance related education and seminars and be familiar with the policies and procedures within Ohio Dominican University (ODU), Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) and NCAA. These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Attend and participate in rules education meetings and seminars when appropriate

Attend and participate in all Black & Gold sponsored events, committees and event fundraising when appropriate

Be provided and understand the Benefits and Awards section of the NCAA manual and the section of the ODU Compliance Manual

Provide complete and accurate expense reports appropriate for NCAA and G-MAC travel

Be aware of and monitor NCAA, G-MAC and ODU policies and procedures as related to ODU athletic compliance

Be provided and understand the Compliance Manual, Student-Athlete Handbook and Coach’s Handbook

Be provided and understand all marketing and sponsorship related policies in regards to student-athletes, ODU, G-MAC and the NCAA

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

Link: https://ohiodominican.applicantpro.com/jobs/3290416
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