Head Women’s Basketball Coach – Frederick Community College

School: Frederick Community College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NJCAA

The Head Coach for Women’s Basketball provides strategic leadership and coaching to ensure the team excels athletically and academically. This role involves recruiting student-athletes, fostering a culture of belonging, sportsmanship, teamwork, and managing various administrative tasks related to the team’s operations. The Head Coach also collaborates with the Athletic Department and campus resources to support student-athletes’ academic success and participates in fundraising activities as approved. This position requires a deep understanding and appreciation of diversity and equity within a multicultural workplace.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the functions essential to performing this job:

1. Lead and coach the women’s basketball team to excel in practice sessions and scheduled athletic contests, representing the College with excellence.
2. Foster an environment of good sportsmanship, open communication, team discipline, and respect for all participants in the athletic arena.
3. Continuously recruit student-athletes from area high schools and other recruitment sources throughout the year as part of the Department of Athletics outreach, following guidelines from the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and FCC Department of Athletics.
4. Participate in fundraising efforts for the Department of Athletics that engage the community and provide supplemental funds for the women’s basketball program.
5. Collaborate with the Athletic Department Compliance/Academic Advisor in promoting the academic success of all student-athletes, making appropriate referrals to campus resources for those needing academic support.
6. Perform a variety of administrative responsibilities by collaborating with the Director of Athletics and department staff in managing meal money, requesting transportation, scheduling non-league contests, and assisting with budgets for your respective sport.
7. Uphold and enforce all the rules of the NJCAA Code of Conduct, the Frederick Community College Code of Student Conduct, and department and team rules as described in the Student-Athlete Handbook and the FCC Handbook for Coaches.
8. Recruit student-athletes per NJCAA guidelines and the College’s established policies.
9. Maintain a thorough understanding of Title IX regulations and ensure compliance with all Title IX reporting requirements, collaborating with the College’s Title IX Coordinator as necessary.
10. Maintain current Mental Health First Aid Certification, following established protocols and guidelines and ensuring readiness to support student-athletes and staff experiencing mental health challenges.
11. Facilitate student-athlete transfer to four-year institutions by collaborating with the College’s transfer advisor, networking with potential schools, creating and sharing highlight videos, writing personalized letters of recommendation, and seeking scholarship opportunities.
12. Maintain a roster of at least 12 eligible student-athletes throughout the season, ensuring they meet academic guidelines and NJCAA participation standards.
13. Conduct stimulating team practice sessions that encourage skill development and teamwork.
14. Work with the Sports Information Coordinator to accurately complete, maintain, and report team and individual statistics following the Maryland Junior College (MDJUCO) Conference Operating Code.
15. Attend MD JUCO Conference meetings, professional development sessions, and clinics that enhance coaching methods and techniques

Salary: $11,590 stipend (prorated based on start date)

Applicant Information:

Please follow link below for complete job description and application information.

Link: https://jobs.frederick.edu/postings/5861
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