Head Women’s Basketball Coach – Delta College

School: Delta College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null

The head coach must be able to demonstrate Delta College Athletics five (5) key values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership on a daily basis. To promote student success through academics building a strong foundation for the young men and women of the program. Leading these young men and women to be champions on and off the court. A head coach works with student-athletes to improve their personal, leadership and team work skills in a competitive intercollegiate setting. They are responsible for, but not limited to, initiating various aspects of their program, such as recruiting, schedule opponents, scholarship and budget oversight, training and coaching team members. The head coach is required to abide by the rules and regulations established by Delta College, the Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA), and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The head coach will be a responsible member of the community and a role model for their student-athletes.


  • Embed the College’s mission and values throughout all responsibilities and work; and focus on student success as the guiding principle to informed decision-making.
  • Understand, develop, and provide an environment that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion, while incorporating cultural competency in the workplace.
  • Contribute to positive teamwork environment.
  • Must remain in compliance with philosophy, mission and guiding principles of Delta College.
  • Has a thorough knowledge and upholds all of the athletic rules, regulations, policies and procedures set forth by Delta College, NJCAA, and MCCAA.
  • Attend all MCCAA, NJCAA and Delta College meetings as directed by the Athletic Director or Conference leadership.
  • Support Athletic Department program initiatives, strategic goals, decisions and policies.
  • Provide leadership, serving as a role model for student-athletes, department and the College.


  • Provide mentoring and encourage diverse thought and inclusive practices over their specific sport.
  • Recognize that diversity is much broader by valuing differences of each individual’s personality, education, and socioeconomic status who are members of the team and the athletic program.
  • Establish and cultivate a fundamental philosophy, skill development and techniques to be used throughout all seasons of participation, pre and post season.
  • Establishes expectations of student-athletes participating in the program, including, but not limited to, accountability, cooperation, collaboration and disciplinary actions.
  • Recruit academically prepared student-athletes to be successful at Delta College following recruitment guidelines, ensuring compliance with Delta College, MCCAA and NJCAA regulations.
  • Establish and implement off-season activities.
  • Collaborate with Athletic Director, Student Success Advisor, Counselors and Teaching/Learning Center in promoting academic success for student-athletes with in your program, including monitoring progress reports.
  • Adheres to following and upholding coaches and student-athlete code of conduct as written in each handbook.
  • Works in collaboration with the Athletic Director to establish fundraising opportunities, providing additional funds to support the goals of the athletic program.
  • Assists Athletic Director in development of game schedules, meeting appropriate timelines, identifying the following needs: event management, athletic trainer, officials, travel needs, meals, lodging etc..
  • Develop a practice schedule, including facility needs in the appropriate timelines set forth by the Athletic Director.
  • Assist the Athletic Director in obtaining eligibility information from student-athletes within your program.
  • Submit an inventory list of all equipment, making recommendations/requests of equipment needs throughout the season.
  • Maintain student-athlete travel records, returning records within seven days after completion of your season.
  • Must be present during all schedule practice times and athletic competitions.
  • Must travel with the team.
  • Maintain a positive and clean environment within his/her locker room, practice field, playing or contest area.
  • Serves as a mentor to each student-athlete to promote the development of all the expectations for Delta College Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, the Delta College student conduct manual, and other institutional rules, and expectations, policies and procedures.
  • Monitors and gives constant attention to a student-athlete’s grades and conduct. Monitor the eligibility status and promotes the academic progress of the student-athletes. Assist in enforcing study hall attendance for all in-coming freshman, transfer students and others with grade deficiencies. Supports the guidelines set-up by the Teaching/Learning Center in collaboration with the Athletic Office.
  • Works collaboratively with the Athletic Trainer when injuries occur, including understanding the Emergency Action Plan.
  • Establishes team rules that support adherence to the Student Athlete Code of Conduct, including but not limited to (appearances, practice, class attendance, punctuality, dress code and general standards of behavior), following due process when rules may have been violated.
  • Stays within budget and establishes fundraising opportunities, alumni activities and public relations of your program; acting as a promotional agent for the college and team, in collaboration with the Athletic Director to get local, state and national recognition.
  • Provide travel advance forms to the athletics office before season to allow for transportation assignments and meal checks to be processed in a timely manner.
  • Assigns and keeps track of athletic equipment issued to student-athletes.
  • Submits written proposal for recruiting trips, camps & clinics and other fundraising initiatives.
  • Participates in budgeting function with athletic director by establishing requirements for the next season.
  • Promotes a favorable image of the institution at all times. Is a role model. Represent the program and Delta College with integrity, respect, sportsmanship, and professionalism in the community and at sponsored events/contests.
  • Utilizes the institutional tools for promotion; maintains accurate information on the website, informs athletic and marketing offices of news and information, provides proper news stories to promote sport, and work with the Collegiate.
  • Provides student-athletes with information and opportunities at the next level, NCAA or NAIA universities.
  • Provides working relationship with local new agencies.
  • Provides working relationship with league, regional, and national offices.
  • Establish relationships with local and area high school coaches for recruitment of student-athletes.
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