Head Women’s Basketball Coach – Central Arizona College

School: Central Arizona College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NJCAA
Level: null

Responsible for all aspects of the Central Arizona College NJCAA Division I  including recruiting and supervision of student-athletes, coordinating, and supervising practices, coordinating, and facilitating fundraising activities, overseeing travel, budget and the overall daily operations of the sports program. Serve as Athletic Specialist for Sports and Fitness and/or Athletic Division.



  • Work within the Central Arizona College Athletic Department to develop and maintain a successful athletic program.
  • Monitor and administer the budget for the specific sport including fundraising efforts, scholarships, inventory and ordering of equipment/uniforms, and team travel. Coordinate team travel arrangements such as hotel reservations, booking transportation, organizing team meals, and completing expense reports.
  • Responsible for participating in fundraising, public relation events and community initiatives.
  • Supervision of assistant coaches and staff, and be committed to their development as Central Arizona College employees.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, enrollment, and educational effort of the student-athletes on the team. Responsible for the recruitment of qualified student-athletes consistent with the competitive requirement of our programs and the academic standards of the NJCAA and Central Arizona College.
  • Monitor and report student-athlete academic and social progress. Monitor academic progress of student-athletes this includes but not limited to monitoring study halls, grade checks, registration, retention, graduation, and transferring. Foster a program that encourages support services and student-athlete welfare.
  • Oversee the athletic development of student-athletes including preparation for practices and competition scheduling. Responsible for scheduling of events/competitions/games both pre-season and regular season based on NJCAA allowable dates. Submitting dates to conference representatives and maintaining an updated schedules.
  • Work cooperatively with campus representatives outside the Sports and Fitness Division and Athletic Department to develop and sustain positive experiences academically and socially for student-athletes.
  • Oversee the maintenance of facilities (i.e. field, gym, fitness center) this includes pre-game setup, post-game clean up, general appearance of the facility and ensuring facilities are locked and secure. Responsible for submitting work orders and incident reports as needed.
  • Assist the Athletic Department, Program Assistant, and other colleges and universities in athletic eligibility and compliance. Assist in collecting, compiling, and preparing documents concerning student-athlete eligibility requirements. Ensure each student-athlete has required materials and is processed for eligibility. Be prepared to aid in preparing documentation for presentation to the NJCAA or NIRA during administrative audits.
  • Knowledge of the NJCAA rules and regulations and understanding of rules governing the ACCAC and Region 1 as well as Central Arizona College and the Athletic Department.
  • Work cooperatively with the Athletic Director and VP of Business/Finance to perform other duties as assigned.
  • Head coaches are responsible for both theory and varsity courses for their sports. Courses outside these can be used for completion of duties or as separate outside adjunct work if a full load is already committed.
  • Ensuring compliance and have working knowledge of Title IX and Clery Act. This includes serving as a Clery Campus Authority and being responsible for CAC incident reports involving but not limited to injuries, misconduct, behavioral.
Applicant Information:

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Link: https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/centralaz/jobs/3676218/womens-head-basketball-coach-sports-fitness-specialist?page=2&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs
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