Head Coach – Notre Dame de Namur University – Full-time

School: Notre Dame de Namur University
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $2,500/year (additional income may be available)
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division II
Conference: Pac West

1) Practice / Competition – Organize and administer appropriate pre-season, in season and post season instructional activities necessary to develop and maintain a quality team. Recommend and develop a competitive contest schedule. Submit written request for facilities needed for practice and competition. Organize and conduct team instructional activities to include practices, scheduled contests and effective year-round conditioning. Set up home contests. Meet with the Director of Athletics on a regular basis to coordinate this process. File both in and out of season practice schedule with the Director of Athletics. 2) Recruitment – Recruit and assess the talent of prospective student-athletes. Establish a full and competitive team. Work closely with the Office of Admission in the recruitment of qualified student-athletes to field a competitive team. Organize both on campus visits and make arrangements for off campus recruitment activities to attract quality student-athletes. 3)Compliance – Comply with all internal policy and external regulations. Monitor academic progress of team members. Adhere to department, University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations. Be familiar with and adhere to procedures set forth in the NDNU Staff Manual. Initiate and maintain communications with prospective student – athletes according to NCAA recruiting/eligibility regulations. 4)Budget Development – Participate in the development and of the Women’s Basketball budget. Make recommendations for team budget including uniforms, equipment and team travel. Ensure requested expenditures adhere to approved team budget. 5) Records Management – Responsible for keeping team records related to statistics, completion of required forms by student-athletes, maintaining participation and award records and other areas as necessary. 6) Staffing – Arrange for the hiring of assistant coaching staff and home game management staff, supervising their performance. 7) Inventory/Facilities – Responsible for proper use and care of inventory and facilities.

Link: http://www.ndnu.edu/human-resources/jobs-avail.aspx…
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